360 Degree Feedback

In this ever changing and challenging climate, leadership has never been more impacting on businesses and people affecting ROI. Along with mergers & acquisitions, cost cutting, the investment in people and retaining skill sets is KEY!

Inspirational You’s creditability is all about understanding the corporate world, its language, its challenges, and its politics, its people! With over 25 years of industry experience and developing leadership, coaching Middle to Senior Executives in business and careers, we bring an understanding and appreciation of what is needed in talent and behaviour to grow businesses today. We are well acquainted with many 360 feedback tools and have truly seen the value these have during our coaching.

Inspirational You are proud to work with the Appraisal 360 company – we have our licensed Appraisal 360 Practitioners to deliver an amazing 360 tool which can help meet and complement all your corporate 360 requirements.

Appraisal 360 is a most powerful and effective tool in developing self awareness and generating personal behavioral & development needs for leaders in businesses today and in identifying those leaders of the future!

360 Feedback is far more than just an assessment or appraisal process. Done properly, with the right tool, it is a powerful, informative and motivating experience for participants. It also provides rich data and clarity about where to focus development initiatives, resources and gives insight to a stale or changing culture.

Why Use Inspirational You Appraisal 360 Feedback

• Encourages positive change & effect
• Identifies values and beliefs in companies and people
• Retains Investment of people and skill sets
• Builds a path forward for future leaders
• Enables reports to demonstrate ROI against its people
• Raises Awareness of people achievements
• Assists in relationships awareness across management, peers, juniors and clients.
• Encourages shared knowledge and success!