Career Coaching

Being acknowledged and rewarded for the work we do can be so key to our happiness.

Understanding what we want out of our careers and becoming aware of what we have actually achieved is sometimes forgotten, even by ourselves, needless to say by our work colleagues and also our bosses.

Our confidence disappears, our hearts sinks but the passion to want to excel and succeed is there – so what next? What do we do?


Do you ask yourself?

  • Am I in the right role?
  • Can I actually do this job and achieve what is expected of me?
  • Do I WANT to stay in my current role? This company? This industry?
  • Am I feeling constantly overlooked when promotion is there and I am not being considered for it?
  • Having just been made redundant do Ineed to take some time to reflect on what next? Do I have time to think “what next?”
  • Do I know how to  sell myslef and my skills to a future employer? Or a current employer?
  • Having just qualified and received my degree how do I find the best career to suit me? Am I  feeling pressured by friends and family?
  • Am I  in a role today that I don’t like or doesn’t fulfil me anymore and I need help to explore what to do next?
  • Is it time to go it alone and build my own business?


Career Coaching can unravel so much about where you are now and where you want to be! If you wanted to learn more, you could view Myers-Briggs and assess what personality type you are – can be extremely enlightening!

We help you to find the obstacles which are preventing you moving onward and upward with your career and allow you the opportunity to explore how you can effect change, positive change, change that makes a difference to you, your career and your life.