CV Writing

It does not matter who we are in life and what we role we hold today.  Most people from all walks of life, struggle with writing a CV whether you are student, a chef, a yachtbroker, a chairman, a chief executive, a housewife. When it comes to writing what we need others to see about ourselves, our stage of who we are within a CV, we sometimes hit a brick wall.

How do I make this CV layout good?

What can I say about myself when I haven’t achieved much in my life or career?

What can I write when I have just left university or school?

I don’t feel confident in what I have  written about myself?

Who would want to employ me when they read this?

I have just paid thousands of pounds for someone to write my CV and I am not happy!

How do I make myself stand out above all others when they read my CV?

Why is nobody ringing me up to meet me – they have my CV?

How do I get messages over in my CV without writing a manuscript?

At Inspirational You we;-

  • Meet with you one –to-one and treat all information confidentially
  • Listen to you and find out about you, what you do, what you want to do
  • Listen to where your passion is lies with work
  • Evaluate your current CV (sometimes we do not need to do anything!)
  • Work with you on how to write your CV for internal appointments or externally for the market
  • Seek out the key achievements you may have overlooked
  • Coach you on your CV and your achievements
  • Explore with you what your next role should be or what you want it to be
  • Endeavour to instil confidence in you, who you are and what your skills bring to a company!

Introduce you to YOU and your future!