Inspirational You is renowned for its vast network of contacts across many industries from Retail, Manufacturing, Government, Utilities, Software, Media & Entertainment, Travel, Automotive and Finance.

Whilst we provide Coaching and many other services we frequently get approached for MENTORS to support the companies top teams globally.

We work with the most credible executives in the industry who have proven success over the years!

A mentor facilitates personal and professional growth in an individual by sharing the knowledge and insights that have been learned through the years – the “scars of experience” as we often call them.

Inspirational You are invited to work with:

  • FTSE companies  - to help up skill and direct them to success.
  • SMEs’ –  mentoring and guidance ranging from strategy, resourcing and leadership skills and achieving the best results from teams and businesses.
  • Clients who are creating new business ventures from Fashion Designers, Nutritionists and Trainers.
  • People who have stepped out from corporate life and are courageous to begin their own companies.
  • Graduates who are becoming young entrepreneurs and good ones too!

At Inspirational You and Gleeson Executive, we do see a distinctive difference between the two skills and methods used and are clear about what our Mentors do. So often we hear of Coaches who think themselves Mentors and visa versa, and sometimes take the liberty of performing both functions, even when not requested to do so!  This can have negative results for the person being coached or mentored.

Whilst there can be a fine line between Coaching and Mentoring, a Mentor has a slightly different style, method and approach in providing a pathway for the mentee to see the required results.  They can push, encourage and motivate the mentee to see what results could come from actions.  They may challenge the mentees in an assertive and directive manner!  They may make introductions to other resources so they can “experience” either a board interview, business investment assignments or be introduced to a network of people who may help them in their career going forward.  They may talk to them about their character profile and where and how they could improve, change or make more impact.

It is here that the chemistry and trust between the Mentor and Mentee is imperative and the boundaries agreed. The “intent” from both sides has to be clear. The experience of the Mentor has to be relevant and demonstrate previous or current success and credibility.

Inspirational You ensures foremost and utmost that we have a clear objective and understanding of what the request is for Coaching or Mentoring and we will introduce the appropriate person to work with you/your company’s top talent.