Development Media

Having worked within the corporate world of business for over 25 years, we have seen many people with many issues from all walks of life, cultures, nationalities and faiths.  I personally have worked within board rooms in all industry sectors from retail, logistics, manufacturing, telecommunications, finance, media, travel and public sector.  I have had the privilege of working with Corporate Business People, Professional Footballers, Nutritionists, Actors, Chefs, Stewardesses, Sea Captains, Housewives, Husbands, Students and so many more.  We all have issues!

In coaching there is sometimes a need to help change mind-set, beliefs and behaviours.  There are various tools to help do this.  Some of the issues people hold on to can be quite damaging i.e. bullying at work which can affect confidence beyond belief.  Presenting to a huge audience can bring up so many fears and phobias.  Relaxing can be the hardest thing we allow ourselves to do, is it not?  Having some extra tools to help people unravel and handle issues can be so beneficial and reinforce any positive direction from a coaching session.

Therefore, upon request from many people, we are now delighted to provide some tools you can use at home to help with some of the issues to hand.  We have produced FOUR Hypnotherapy downloads (they are available on CD should you wish);  Public Speaking, Confidence & Relaxation.  We hope you will find them of value as you play them at the end of a long day or just before you go into that all important presentation.  DO NOT LISTEN TO WHILST DRIVING!

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Coach, I feel proud that these skills can complement the ‘value add’ I can provide to help meet clients’ needs.  An honour to be able to assist people with positive impact and change to their lives goals and dreams.  Thank you.