What we do

Inspirational You in association with Gleeson Executive, deliver high quality services to our clients. We will continue to evolve and grow as our clients’ needs reach out to us.

With this ever changing economy which continues to challenge us and our lives, Inspirational You support our clients in helping provide the tools and the best of talented people to guide and support them in achieving the best out of life and realising their dreams. Whether it is finding employment, retaining current roles, developing personal career paths or learning about what we do well and or could better to get results from ourselves or others – we all need someone we trust and value to help us, do we not? What do we need to do to learn about who we are and what we are capable of? Whose opinions matter and have impact in our lives?

Inspirational You is proud to offer;

CV WritingMost of us struggle with writing a CV whatever profession or seniority we have in life – some people find this hard to admit. It may be that you need to write or polish up your CV/Resume to present to a potential employer? Perhaps you have forgotten what your skills were and are? What you have achieved? How to tell someone whom you want to impress all the good things you have achieved so you can win that special role?!

CoachingAt Inspirational You we offer many types of coaching from CV Writing, Career Coaching, Executive Coaching. Whatever the coaching required we will work confidentially with you to enable you to realise your own skills, thoughts, reasoning and beliefs to reach for those dreams you have perhaps put on the back boiler or for those you now need to make come true? To gain and understanding of how you are perceived by others, by yourself! How to work out what your life balance needs to be and why? What is important for you to succeed or to be happy? Perhaps you need coaching for an interview, presentation or to find out what it is you truly want to do in your life going forward?

MentoringSometimes people will be confused about the difference of Coaching v Mentoring. There are different skills required! Inspirational You is proud to work alongside some of the most accredited successful business executives in the industry today who offer value added Mentoring and who understand how when directed correctly, mentoring can be incredibly powerful to success. Our Mentors work across many industries and we have listed just some of those people we are delighted to be associate with Inspirational You. Inspirational You can design a programme to assist FTSE companies to develop their top teams!

Psychometric TestingThere are many tools on the market today to unravel the “ways of the mind”, how it works and to profile personality types. Inspirational You works alongside the most tested and trusted psychometric tools today which opens the window to our minds and can bring many a smile to our faces as we begin to be introduced to who we are! We can learn about what we do well or need to improve on to succeed. We gain insight to how we are perceived – a definite insight! We learn how and why we have been successful to date and what we must do to continue to evolve and grow.

360 feedback Our coaches have worked with many 360 feedback tools but what is certain is that 360 feedback should always be constructive and informative and be beneficial for onward career development. We are pleased to have launched Director360 (which is causing quite a stir in the market) and compliments the value add we bring to our clients. We can customise key criteria and bespoke whatever we need to ensuring our clients receive the best value from an important and sensitive process which can have such a positive maximum effect for future development. Stir in some of our accredited Coaches and Mentors and we begin to see a future emerge.

Emotional IntelligenceA key part of management and leadership development, Emotional Intelligence is a technique that is gaining in popularity and interest. EI is a subject which can certainly help leaders and leadership development.

Emotional Intelligence contains a wide set of competencies and skills that are used by individuals to generate their performance as a leader. This is a subject which generates massive intrigue with leaders all over the world and in all types of roles. Subjects ranging from Self-awareness Self-management Social Awareness & Relationship Management. Most definitely a subject which raises eyebrows as we look at the EI of some of the most “controversial” and some would say, “Historic” leaders of our time. What can learn from them that we may see in ourselves? What do we need to know about ourselves to be good leaders? What is the measure of a good leader?